Two months ago today was the day my life was forever changed. The hurt does not go away but the promises that God has, have become so apparent. Ty Osman is more than missed, it's more than that. Life doesn't feel right without you here. I love you and miss you more and more as time goes on.

- Leah Gray

So I just went to text Ty and realized what I was doing. It happens sometimes. I was going to text Ty because whenever I am lonely, bored, or in a junky mood, I tend to text my good friends. Ty was one of the best because he was so consistent in his responses. He was so reliable and quick, and Ty always had a way of cheering me up when I needed it. I'm sure there were times when Ty was busy or didn't need to be texting, but he put me first. That's Ty.

- Kyle Allen Balduf

Just renewed my license and proudly checked organ donor all because of all the people Ty got to benefit by being an organ donor! Ty you are still impacting all of our actions! Miss you buddy!

- Kayce Tomberlin Rittman

What a worshipper! During the time I worked with the praise band one of my favorite things was to watch while the students grew into true GOD worshippers. Ty was exceptional in the way he worshipped. He would encourage all of us and never stopped trying to do his best, with his instrument, his voice, calling us into GODs presence. Sweet times!

- Robin Roe

You, Trey, Woody and Keller had already hugged us, said goodbye and thank you and were heading back to Brentwood after a day at Marker Branch. I was working on the cabin and had just waved a final goodbye to all of you. Suddenly, you ran across the yard, took a nimble leap over the split rail fence and gave me the biggest hug. "I had such a wonderful time, Ms. Martha. Thank you so much." Your smile melted my heart. That's the Ty everyone is sharing here, post after post. I am so honored to have experienced your kindness, thoughtfulness and zest for life. It seemed that everyday you were looking for a way to brighten it for someone else. As for me, I will be watching for you, for you are not one to be silent. Your smile will be in the sunshine and surely God will put you in charge of forming and shaping whimsical and quirky clouds. Perhaps He will hand you a brush and pallette and you will mix the brilliant colors in the summer sunsets that you loved so much. Best of all, the reflection of your smile and your positive influence will be on the faces and in the lives of those who love you.

- Martha Brown Carpenter

Sleeping with Ty was the worst. He loved to sleep talk. He could go on for an hour of sleep talking but when he would say " I love you mom" it meant he was done sleep talking.

- Keller Phillips

I remember the first time TY told me he had another best friend. I got so mad and jealous. He then told me that "You are my best, best friend. He is just my best friend." haha what he said let my 9 year old mind be at peace. I don't think they stayed best friends for too long anyway.

- Keller Phillips

I didn't get the chance to know Ty for very long. I met him halfway through first semester and ever since the first time we met I've always enjoyed being around him. One thing that always stood out to me is how passionate he was towards everyone around him. It only took him one time to meet me and remember my name. Every time after that he always took the time to say hi and ask how I was doing. We were friends ever since. My favorite memory though is when we went 2-steppin' with the older folks in Heber Springs. He and I had a competition the whole night to see who could get the most dances with old people. Needless to say... he won. But it was so funny seeing him interact with all the older women. He had no problem with it at all. He just acted like there was no age difference and he was right up there with them. He brightened every room and always had a way of making people laugh whether they were 88 or 6. That's something I will never forget. Even for the short year that I knew Ty, he impacted my life in more ways than one.

- Julia Copeland

Today the words "No regrets" keep echoing in my mind. This past May I had the privilege of being invited to be part of the Osman family so to speak. I was touched when Nancy called and said that they would be honored to have me sit at their table during Ty's Senior Banquet. The honor was all mine. The night was full of great memories, but there is one tradition that stands out above all others in my mind. We always have a family blessing time at the Woodmont Hills Senior banquet. It is a time for families to share what is on their hearts with one another, and particularly to bless their graduating seniors. I will never forget the sweet words that Ty's family had for him, as they told him how much he meant to them, and as they shed tears of admiration and gratitude for the man he had grown to be. It was a holy moment. Big Ty, Nancy, Adair and Kendall, there are no regrets. Ty knew fully how much you love him, because you told him, and I believe even now Ty knows that he is well-loved. Likewise, you know how much Ty loves all of you, because I heard the words he spoke to you that night and saw it in eyes. I have always admired your family dynamics. You are a family with such strong bonds. Not even death can break them. Ty continues to love you still. Cling to this.

- Kyle Allen Balduf

I loved how Ty could make me laugh and not say a word.

- Brieonna Onyeama

Oh, boy. This kid. The master of SPRING SING FINALE. Dancing next to Ty was one of the most rewarding things I've done this semester. What a joy! He would mess up now and then but he'd just laugh it off, make fun of me for messing up, and then proceed to dance even harder than before. His zest for life and love for others was and is STILL truly inspiring. I thank my God in all my remembrance of you - Philippians 1:3

- Brianna Burcham

Oh my goodness, I miss Ty Osman, he was such an awesome guy. His memory is less of one defined by moments but rather how he made me feel in his presence, like I mattered and there wasn't a reason to do anything but smile.

- Kate Stanton

To be pursued and know-what a gift. Everyday Ty sought others out, to know them, include them, invite them into a relationship. Ty's life modeled what God initiates everyday with me... seeks, invites and includes. Sorrow pours from my heart, but peace resides knowing Ty is with the One who knows and loves him best... Your life truly is an example of God's love. With all my heart thank you for this example of finding joy in being with others and pursing ALL of your relationships with abandonment.

- Christiana Liddle

Ty would always go out of his way to make my day better at school through the faces he made at me in the hallway. He also made me smile at church during worship, because he always got so into it, singing his heart out.

- Jordan Micaela Galloway

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." - Albert Einstein. 
Ty knew this better than anyone. The first day I walked into Bible, I saw this super happy, always smiling boy sitting in front of me and thought to myself, I wanna be his friend. And it wasn't hard to do that because Ty of course wanted to be friends with everyone.

- Kinsey Starks

Ty and I never sat down and had a one on one conversation but I did have the opportuniTY to sit at the same lunch table with him many times last semester and this semester. He always had something to talk about; usually basketball or some other sport. But what I really admired in Ty was the chivalry that he demonstrated to all the ladies around him. Every girl had value in his eyes. He never carried just his plate when leaving the caf. You could always see him carrying the plates of the people he sat with. It's simple but it's a perfect example of his serving heart. I thank Ty for being such an example of what a gentleman is. That's why every girl on campus was in love with him. I'm sure he's already charmed many a ladies in Heaven.

- Harrison Walt Waldron

I got to church late one day, I think it might have been a Wednesday, and there were no open seats. So I stood in the back and just listened to the minister. The next thing I know someone is next to me and asks me if I want to sit with him. He pulls up a chair next to him and his friends. His name was Ty. He started to ask me questions about myself to get to know me and introduces me to his friend Trey. He genuinely cared about other people. He didn't even know me and he was kind enough to pull up a seat and talk to me. He made me feel important even though before that time we were strangers. I will always look up to him. He is an outstanding person.

- Sarah Strickland

One chilly January evening, on the stage of the Benson, was where I first caught a glimpse of the man they call Ty Osman. I had met him before we all began the amazing production of Spring Sing 2012, but I didn't really know him past the "Hello, how are you?" level, or perhaps the cool dude nod. I was SO nervous about dancing, let alone in mixed company! When they announced that they would partner us up randomly, I remember thinking "Oh great, my partner is going to hate my guts by the end of this because of my two left feet!" So when they paired me with my number, I looked to see what guy stood up, and it was the handsome Ty I had seen around, and he immediately smiled at me, a huge grin that communicated "Let's do this thing!" So, me being my natural self, I immediately started rambling about silly things to replace any awkward small talk, and that's the first time I noticed that Ty wasn't like others. There was no awkward small talk. Right off the bat, he was the one making ME laugh, before I could even beat him to it! This is how our friendship began, back and forth, wit and banter, every time we saw one another. In public, I was "the greatest dance partner ever" when, in realiTY, HE was the greatest ever. When I was tired, he'd make me want to go harder. When I was sweaTY, he'd hug me anyways. And when I messed up, he'd laugh at me. (as expected) Every practice I learned something new about Ty, but what remained a constant was his vibrance and his loving heart and spirit. Who was the star of the show? We'd both argue that it was one of us, but we all know it was him. We were both divas, and he always expected his ideas to be carried out, even when they were shot down, we'd lock those ideas away for when we could call the shots. Well, all I can say is now it might be a while until we can call the shots together again, but I feel honored and privileged to have been a part of the "dream team" with Ty. And I'll cherish the many memories I made with him, in such a short amount of time, forever. Oh how he makes me smile and laugh....

- Marianna Grace Woodruff

Man what I would give to have just one more conversation or one more day with this goofball. I'd give anything. He didn't even have to say anything - his grin alone made me smile and start laughing. I can't wait to see that smile again.

- Guy Simmons

Back when it was just the 5 of us girls and Ty in Little Rock and those guys said "either he is the luckiest guy in the world, or he's gay" well Ty may of thought he was lucky, but us girls were really the lucky ones to be with Ty!

- Molly Gammon

I don't think I have anything to share that will stick out... because to me Ty was just... constant. Constantly in motion, constantly smiling, constantly there behind the scenes or in the center of the room holding court. He lived large -- from the infectious grin to the utter abandoned worship to the crazy moments. He lived large and with adventure in every moment (that I saw) and I can't help but smile when I think of the adventure he's having now.

- Lora Neal

If I do recall correctly, TY was the king of terrible excuses. I'm pretty sure he told a kid that he couldn't hang out because he had to fill up his water bottle. Really Ty? it takes 3 hours to fill a water bottle? I miss you so much TY.

- Guy Simmons

To observe Ty's life was like watching a beautiful, brilliant shooting star. He was in perpetual unfettered motion. Even when standing still, his eyes sparkled. His smile was so infectious that it drew you into his orbit. At Coker Creek it was such great fun to watch him connect with Adair or to play with Keller and Paden. I loved how Ty worshiped with abandon. He lived and worshiped full-out!

- LaJuana Case Gill

Such a sweet boy - always smiling, always looking out for others, caring, the only student who sent an email of concern when I was sick, and when I thanked him for being so kind, his face lit up with that infectious smile

- Reet Cronk

I remember the first time I met Ty. I was having one of the worst days possible I was sitting right outside the stu & I was balling my eyes out like a baby. He came out the door & just sat beside me then said "hey my name's Ty. What's your name & why are you crying right now?" We went on to discuss it & everyday after that he always made a point to say hey to me and make sure I was doing okay.

- Jennifer-Nichole Thomas

I will never forget how as much as we were goofballs together, he wasn't afraid to change the mood and get deep. At Camp Coker, we were doing that thing where we break off pieces of our communion bread and exchange them with people around us. He came up to me and not only broke one off, but fed it to me, ha! Then he looked me straight in the eye without blinking and said, "You're a great friend." Thank you Ty for the fearless love you have.

- Paden Carlton Dallas

My favorite memory of Ty is when we went to McDonald's after the Zeta Rho skate function with a lot of our friends. Nothing really special happened except for the fact that I never stopped smiling because of him. We'll miss you Ty.

- DusTYn Stokes

For the class Ty and I had together this semester we didn't really have homework; however, we are supposed to blog occasionally on our class discussion board about what it means to be human and the purpose of life. This is a clip from one of his blogs:

"It is hard for me to imagine trying to sincerely believe that this world and everything in it is all that there is. There is no way that this just happened by chance. A greater power, obvious to me, definitely had a hand in creating all of this. One of the things I do not understand is how someone could believe differently. To think that something as fragile yet as powerful and complicated as the brain was not crafted carefully by a higher power is crazy. It does not make sense to me. God is here. His presence is evident. Take a look around you, what do you see? All the way from the intricateness of a cell, all the way to the expansiveness of the universe, He is obviously involved."

Ty keeps comforting me from heaven with memories and even his words. "God is here. His presence is evident. Take a look around you, what do you see?" Reading these words makes Heaven seem a little closer.

- Carly Kendrick

Take a plate for Ty.

- Chloé Ann Savage

In high school I was a nerdy band kid with an awful haircut. I felt like a nobody, especially seeing the popular kids from afar. I envied all of them, including Ty. Despite not being in the same crowd as him he knew my first and last name, and never missed a chance to say hello and spread his trademark worthy smile. He was a saint since day one, and died trying to be a hero. He had too much going for him to deserve anything less than a family and prosperiTY. His death isn't fair, and it won't be forgotten.

- Alex Perry

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Record my lament. List my tears on your scroll--are they not in your record? I am under vows to you, O God; I will present my thank offerings to you. For you have delivered my soul from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.
Psalm 56

Young Ty never tasted death. He moved from life to life!

John 11

- Terry Sanford Smith

Of the Andrew Crockett gang, Ty embodied all the other guys best qualities. He was athletic, gifted in the arts, expressive, courageous, humble, and a real man of God.

- Cameron Keaggy

I knew he was extraordinary from the moment I met him. I am a better person from knowing him. My heart and mind struggle with our loss and finding understanding. I do know that he continues to touch many lives and the book has reached out and changed lives. We do know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus and we will see him again.

- Liz Culp Howell

No words will ever or could ever convey how much I loved you. You have left a gaping hole in my life that can never again be filled. You were one of the key sculptors that helped shape me into the person I am today. Both the precious smile of yours and your heart of gold will be missed not just by me, but by all of those whom you have blessed. I know now why God put me where he did when the wreck occurred. He knew that I, more than anyone you have left behind, would need that last embrace to make it through all this... I wiIl miss you everyday. I love you soo much my dear friend. So much. This is not goodbye, ok. Ill be seeing ya later boss. And don't you worry, Ill bring the cigars this time.

- Trey Burch

A lot of really awesome things were done in Ty's honor while we were in Honduras last week. A mural was painted at the boys orphanage, and this house was built for a family in the village in memory of him, as the first house built by the Ty2 Foundation. It was of course painted Carolina blue, and dedicated to the family with a plaque that will forever be there honoring him. The trip was nowhere near the same without him, and just didn't seem right. He was deeply missed by not only us, but by the boys at the orphanage and the families in the village he has influenced over the years. But we can rejoice in knowing that he was right there with us, loving on the kids, and helping his dad and friends build the house. We miss you buddy.

- Madison Eley

Missing you today Ty! I remember this day last year when your dad slept in kellers room and surprised you for your birthday haha we all went to fujis and had that hilarious chef. It's also about the same time we played intramural doubles tennis and got robbed of a win. That ball was definitely in bounds. You'd be so proud I havent even fallen asleep in chapel yet! I can't wait to see you again I love you man.

- Guy Simmons

The other day as I was driving on the interstate, I ran over a log that was in the middle of the road. Long story short, it popped my tire and i had to pull over to the left side of the interstate. As i sat in my car on the phone with AAA and my mom, a pick up truck pulled up on the opposite side of the interstate and asked me if I was okay. Hesitantly I said "yeah im fine." He asked me if i wanted some help changing my tire. I told him no and that my mom was on her way. He was persistant and didnt want to take no for an answer. He was probably my age (19-20). He finally took no for an answer and left. As I sat in my car waiting I see the boys pick up truck pull up behind me. I knew that he was there to change my tire. So i got out of my car and let him do it for me. He told me "I have a sister and I would have been super angry if someone just drove away when she was sitting here upset" I laughed and told him Thank you. He sat there with me until AAA got there. He was the sweetest kid ever. AAA finally got there and realized my tire was fixed so they left.
As AAA left the boy started to head back to his truck and I told him thank you. He then said "I dont know if I introduced myself or not, but my name is Ty."

At that moment my jaw dropped. When i got back in my car i began to cry, i knew that Ty was looking out for me the whole time i was sitting on the side of the road. God had this sweet boy walk into my life that day for a reason.

God is so amazing.

- Carly Overmyer

I remember the day we left for spring break I was sitting eating lunch with a friend of mine and Ty came to that table and everyday I saw him I shook his hand I guess it was kinda something we just always did...I shook his hand that day and he said to me I love you and I said it back to him...those simple acts of kindness is what made Ty so unique and such a nice genuine guy. Miss you buddy

- Ben Sitton

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