Organ Donation

Donate Life helps to educate Americans about the dire need for organ, eye and tissue donation.

After his accident, Ty was admitted to the Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview Texas. He was only the second patient at that hospital to be a pre-registered organ donor. His gift of life impacted many people and their families. Here are some details on the people Ty’s organs and tissue have helped.

A 33-year-old man received Ty’s eyes, and with them his sight was restored.
A 68-year-old male received Ty’s heart. (click here to read a letter from the recipient of Ty's heart)
A 45-year-old male received his liver
A 57-year-old male received his right kidney. (click here to read a letter from the recipient of Ty's kidney)
A 36-year-old male received his left kidney and pancreas.

These people, along with several others, have had their lives permanently changed thanks to Ty’s decision to register as an organ and tissue donor.

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